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Host a Screening

Thank you so much for you're interest in being a host!
We are not stopping until we facilitate 1,000 FREE screenings Worldwide -- and we can't do it without you, so thank you from the bottom of our couches!!

The next step is for YOU to work out the Event details of how you want to throw the event!
It can be in a house, a public space, or even a big venue if you like! Potluck style, BYOB, donated drinks/food - all excellent!
The idea is that we keep these events FREE (but be resourceful, the world is your oyster) so everyone can attend!

Movie EventIf you have any questions as you are planning your event, we are happy to help! 

The necessary details you MUST sort out before you post your event below are: 

1. What city the event will be in?       2. Address of Event
3. Contact person name, email, phone (if comfortable) and link to CS profile
4. Capacity of Event Venue or the number of people that can attend
5. Date / Time

NOTE: (we recommend you start the event at 6:30, and tell people film starts at 7:30, since people are perpetually late ;) ) Then you have time for people to meet, some room if people are late, and then you start the movie 7:45/8pm, film is 85 minutes from start to finish, then folks can talk after, get inspired and maybe even party after!

6. You MUST have Links to a CS activity and Facebook Event ready.

(* We advise that you create an event on Facebook (then adding me as a friend/co-host whether I can attend or not) so I can help! )

Once you have worked out all the details - to make it an Official Screening Event, we ask that you post ALL these necessary event details:    HERE

Then, after having reviewed your completed posting, we will send you over a free digital download to your email.
We are also trying to provide free gift schwag bags based on sponsorships - we will keep you posted on that!

We will be providing you with 50 unique Digital Download coupon codes which we want you to exchange for any $ 5 or higher donations.

Thanks so much & we can't wait to hear your ideas for the screening :)